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Ryan Pavely paradox at
Sat Jul 27 05:34:42 UTC 2013

> Because your mail servers are broken. Because you put spamfilters on 
> your abuse@ mailbox, IF you even have an abuse@, which a lot of you 
> don't. Because we tried calling, and your tier1 are clueless.
> Fix your mailservers. Train your staff. Staff your abuse desk. Then 
> we'll talk. 
My mail servers are just fine.  My abuse department is standing by to 
serve your requests.  They are listed on all domains, ip allocations, 
and, etc, etc..

If you suggest folks attempt to reach an abuse contact, fail, and them 
spam.  Ok.  No problem.  But starting out with receiving an email that 
is CC'd to 3 departments, 2 direct people, and the same for all other 
org's involved is offensive, abusive, etc.  And if you suggest for a 
second someone attempted to call, and gave up, and then spammed; yeah 
that never happened.  A phone call? Really?  Maybe one a decade, versus 
many spammed-spam complaints a day.

> Someone else wrote and I seem to have deleted it.. but basically 'I 
> don't think these occurrences happen that often to warrant a change.'

Well.  If it's not happening that often, then lets fix it now before it 
does :)

> I actually think it's important to have contact information publicly
> available.

Why?  Who outside 'the business' needs that level of detailed contact 
information to IP mgmt folks?

Does an end-user need that access?  No.
Does a web hoster need that access?  No.  They can go through their ISP 
or contact my OPS contact.
Do you need that access?  Do you have an AS, and IP blocks?  If so then 
sure, why not.

Now there is a big bug in locking down access to those registered 
members.  Registered with whom?  Arin?  Ok so how do my brit friends 
whois my IP contact info?  That complicates things, beyond suggesting an 
Arin policy.  So I don't ever see this as changing, as I think I said, 
but it should change.  Just like we shouldn't have echo/chargen 
anymore.  They were cool 'back in the day'.

   Ryan Pavely
    Net Access Corporation

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