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> time sink 42

Others have already noted the difference between TZ and M tapes; the TZ 
tapes are also supposed to be 'better' in that they are laminated, while 
the M tapes are not and may decay more quickly.

However, the problem I have is that the "better" label maker (the one 
that takes TZ tapes) is not nearly as easy to use as the "cheaper" one, 
the M-compatible P-touch.  I knew that I didn't want a bunch of useless 
features, so I bought the cheapest TZ-compatible P-touch I could find, 
the 1290, but it is about twice as hard to get anything done with it as 
the bottom-of-the-line $19.95 P-Touch that takes M tapes.

Anyone got a solution for *that* particular problem?  Should I get a 
better TZ-compatible labeler?


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