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In a message written on Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 02:32:07PM -0700, Joel M Snyder wrote:
> features, so I bought the cheapest TZ-compatible P-touch I could find, 
> the 1290, but it is about twice as hard to get anything done with it as 
> the bottom-of-the-line $19.95 P-Touch that takes M tapes.
> Anyone got a solution for *that* particular problem?  Should I get a 
> better TZ-compatible labeler?

Brother seems to have about 20 different models out at any time,
and replaces about 2 of them once a year.  Chances are you can find
one you like.  My kingdom for a model that didn't hide an apostrophy
on a sub-menu.

The "step up" solution is something like Brady.  Significantly more
expensive label makers, somewhat more expensive supplies.  However
I generally think they are superior in UI, durability, label
selection, and so on.  Many also have a serial port (I think USB
on a few of the new ones) so you can "print" (basically an ASCII
stream) to them which can make large volume labling really easy
from your PC.  If you're spending more than a half hour a day with your
label maker invest in a mid-range Brady.

The "step down" is a pen.  For labeling cables sheets of the "self
laminating" labels (a white tab with a clear tail) are easy to write on
and laminate as you install them.  No batteries, super small for a ton
of labels, easy to use.

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