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>While not 100% accurate, it is very common.  The origin being entered by a
provider as their own allows them to add the prefix (and have it accepted by
anyone who filters them >by prefix generated) without being forced to add a
downstream (and downstream's downstreams) AS to their AS-SET.  In general,
if an entity does their own IRR somewhere, I'd >guess that the correct
AS-SET/etc. should be accepted easily and used.  This is just a shortcut for
providers when a customer says "Add this prefix for me please".


So if I understand how RADB works, ISPs can poll it frequently and update
their filters automatically (or semi-automatically).  Is there risk of a
polling ISP's system seeing this data, and being confused by one ISP listing
the origin as the correct one, and the other ISP listing the origin as their
own?  Can an upstream create a registration for us in RADB the correct way,
or does that require us having our own account on RADB?  I'm guessing I'm
wondering what is the 'most correct' way?



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