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>>While not 100% accurate, it is very common.  The origin being entered by a
> provider as their own allows them to add the prefix (and have it accepted by
> anyone who filters them >by prefix generated) without being forced to add a
> downstream (and downstream's downstreams) AS to their AS-SET.  In general,
> if an entity does their own IRR somewhere, I'd >guess that the correct
> AS-SET/etc. should be accepted easily and used.  This is just a shortcut for
> providers when a customer says "Add this prefix for me please".
> So if I understand how RADB works, ISPs can poll it frequently and update
> their filters automatically (or semi-automatically).  Is there risk of a
> polling ISP's system seeing this data, and being confused by one ISP listing
> the origin as the correct one, and the other ISP listing the origin as their
> own?  Can an upstream create a registration for us in RADB the correct way,
> or does that require us having our own account on RADB?  I'm guessing I'm
> wondering what is the 'most correct' way?


that thread is likely of interest...

> Thanks,
> Chuck

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