cost of misconfigurations

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> Hi Darius,
> You are right. The lost of a customer due to those things. However, I
> would classify this as an unknown situation (in terms of risk
> analisys) because the others I mentioned are possible to calculate and
> estimate (they are known). But it is very hard to estimate if a
> customer will cancel the contract because 1 or n network outages. In
> theory, if the customer SLA is not being met consecutively, there is a
> potential probability he will cancel the contract.
> Regards

On the end customer side, I've done a bunch of reliability / risk cost
assessments for various customers over the years.  It's never easy.

For an ISP... customers are fairly locked in, but for big networks and
customers, especially multihoming customers, business goes where they
want it.

SLA costs are easy.  Predicting the final financial impact is hard.

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