cost of misconfigurations

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Thu Aug 2 04:22:02 UTC 2012

Quantifying the business costs would be very complex.

Here are some reports and research papers that may be a starting point:
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>> Hi Darius,
>> You are right. The lost of a customer due to those things. However, I
>> would classify this as an unknown situation (in terms of risk
>> analisys) because the others I mentioned are possible to calculate and
>> estimate (they are known). But it is very hard to estimate if a
>> customer will cancel the contract because 1 or n network outages. In
>> theory, if the customer SLA is not being met consecutively, there is a
>> potential probability he will cancel the contract.
>> Regards
> On the end customer side, I've done a bunch of reliability / risk cost
> assessments for various customers over the years.  It's never easy.
> For an ISP... customers are fairly locked in, but for big networks and
> customers, especially multihoming customers, business goes where they
> want it.
> SLA costs are easy.  Predicting the final financial impact is hard.
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