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Hi Darius,

You are right. The lost of a customer due to those things. However, I
would classify this as an unknown situation (in terms of risk
analisys) because the others I mentioned are possible to calculate and
estimate (they are known). But it is very hard to estimate if a
customer will cancel the contract because 1 or n network outages. In
theory, if the customer SLA is not being met consecutively, there is a
potential probability he will cancel the contract.


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> On Wed, Aug 1, 2012 at 8:08 PM, Diogo Montagner
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>> A misconfiguration will, at least, impact on two points: network
>> outage and re-work. For the network outage, you have to use the SLAs
>> to calculate the cost (how much you lost from the customers' revenue)
>> due to that outage. On the other hand, there is the time efforts spent
>> to fix the misconfiguration. Under the fix, it could be removing the
>> misconfig and applying a new one correct. Or just fixing the misconfig
>> targeting the correct config. This re-work will translate in time, and
>> time can be translated in money spent.
> Isn't the largest cost omitted (or at least glossed over) here?
> Namely, lost customers due to the outage. That's why people have SLAs
> and rework the network at all -- to avoid that cost.
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> Darius Jahandarie

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