wet-behind-the-ears whippersnapper seeking advice on building a nationwide network

Randy Carpenter rcarpen at network1.net
Fri Sep 16 20:09:02 UTC 2011

> I wonder what would happen if a new ARIN member requested an IPv4
> block of say a /16 for a new business? Or even a smaller block. I
> don't know what the current ARIN rules are but RIPE will currently
> give out six months worth of space. Now, in six months, I don't
> expect there to be any left anyway, so what will likely be all the
> v4 you ever get.
> Very soon it'll be nigh on impossible for new entrants to the ISP
> business to get their own v4 space.
> --
> Leigh

As an ISP, ARIN will not give you any space if you are new. You have to already have an equivalent amount of space from another provider. I think it is really stupid, and encourages wasting IP space, but that is what the current policy is.


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