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Fri Sep 16 20:05:37 UTC 2011

On Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 07:58:30PM +0000, Leigh Porter wrote:
> I wonder what would happen if a new ARIN member requested an IPv4 block of say a /16 for a new business? Or even a smaller block. I don't know what the current ARIN rules are but RIPE will currently give out six months worth of space. Now, in six months, I don't expect there to be any left anyway, so what will likely be all the v4 you ever get.
> Very soon it'll be nigh on impossible for new entrants to the ISP business to get their own v4 space.
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> Leigh

	a new entrant in the ARIN service region would have to meet the allocation criteria as
	specified in current policy.  Same w/ any RIR.   If the RIPE region policy is to hand
	out a six month supply, thats wonderful!  (you mean if I state my six month need is a 
	/28, RIPE will allocate that to me?  I thunk there was a floor on min allocation size!)

	Which was why I mentioned address brokers.  It will be possible to get IPv4 space after
	the RIR pools are exausted by leasing space from someone who has it.  That has been the
	case since -prior- to any RIR coming to existance.  Case in point,  COMCAST leases
	IP space to its clients/customers.... as does ATT, VSN, TW, ad-nausa.

	Some brokers will not restrict what their clients can do w/ the space - unlike the
	brokers listed above.


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