Disappointing ARIN - A great advertisement for the USA ?

Always Learning nanog at u61.u22.net
Tue Sep 13 03:44:58 UTC 2011

On Mon, 2011-09-12 at 20:07 -0700, Michael Sinatra wrote:

> Unfortunately, the original poster, against advice given to him,
> posted an insulting, jingoistic, inane, and even more derogatory
> version of his NANOG post, apparently in an effort to spur discussion.
> What was once a legitimate issue (and I agree one that needs to be
> addressed) now looks more like troll-bait.  Unsurprisingly, nobody has
> responded.

I was attempting to write in 'Obama-style'.

I do make a perfectly valid point, perhaps oblivious to many North
Americans who generally are insular, that the world does expect the
Americans to do Internet things properly.

Many North Americans appear not to understand the general world-wide
attitude towards the USA. When something goes wrong at ARIN which
affects American IPs, the world seems to blame the Americans. Although
there is a clear distinction, certainly in my mind, between one rather
small organisation and a state of circa 280 million, never-the-less the
world generally blames the Americans. The only noticeable exception when
the USA is not blamed for the faults and omissions of an American
organisation is Micro$oft.

Why does it take the concerns of an European to waken-up the Americans
to the outstanding ARIN problem?  Perhaps some of you can continue the
campaign for the restoration of a basic North American WHOIS ?  The rest
of the world has a fully functioning WHOIS but not the USA (or Canada).

My posting was never meant to be insulting or jingoistic or inane and
certainly not derogatory. I was attempting to make those that can
influence ARIN have some pride in presenting their country's
achievements and services in the best possible way.

Like it or not, the Americans run the Internet: Google (the world's
biggest spying operation), Micro$oft, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Ebay and
their Paypal, Cisco etc. etc. and of course ARIN.

> .... What was once a legitimate issue ....

Remains "a legitimate issue" until ARIN resolves it, if ever.

With best regards,


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