Disappointing ARIN - A great advertisement for the USA ?

Ray Soucy rps at maine.edu
Fri Sep 16 15:57:50 UTC 2011

Saying NANOG = ARIN is like saying Middle East = Terrorist.  That kind
of generalization is never useful.  ARIN is one of many non-Government
organizations that make decisions regarding the Internet.

As for your reference to "Obama-style" I'm not sure if you're trying
to pay homage to, or insult the POTUS, either way it's not piratically
constructive to the conversation; especially on a technical mailing
list.  Please check politics at the door.

As mentioned by several others, if you have a problem with changes
made by ARIN, an independent non-profit corporation, then it seems
logical to contact them and not a community of network operators who
have little or no control over ARIN.

On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 11:44 PM, Always Learning <nanog at u61.u22.net> wrote:
> On Mon, 2011-09-12 at 20:07 -0700, Michael Sinatra wrote:
>> Unfortunately, the original poster, against advice given to him,
>> posted an insulting, jingoistic, inane, and even more derogatory
>> version of his NANOG post, apparently in an effort to spur discussion.
>> What was once a legitimate issue (and I agree one that needs to be
>> addressed) now looks more like troll-bait.  Unsurprisingly, nobody has
>> responded.
> I was attempting to write in 'Obama-style'.
> I do make a perfectly valid point, perhaps oblivious to many North
> Americans who generally are insular, that the world does expect the
> Americans to do Internet things properly.
> Many North Americans appear not to understand the general world-wide
> attitude towards the USA. When something goes wrong at ARIN which
> affects American IPs, the world seems to blame the Americans. Although
> there is a clear distinction, certainly in my mind, between one rather
> small organisation and a state of circa 280 million, never-the-less the
> world generally blames the Americans. The only noticeable exception when
> the USA is not blamed for the faults and omissions of an American
> organisation is Micro$oft.
> Why does it take the concerns of an European to waken-up the Americans
> to the outstanding ARIN problem?  Perhaps some of you can continue the
> campaign for the restoration of a basic North American WHOIS ?  The rest
> of the world has a fully functioning WHOIS but not the USA (or Canada).
> My posting was never meant to be insulting or jingoistic or inane and
> certainly not derogatory. I was attempting to make those that can
> influence ARIN have some pride in presenting their country's
> achievements and services in the best possible way.
> Like it or not, the Americans run the Internet: Google (the world's
> biggest spying operation), Micro$oft, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Ebay and
> their Paypal, Cisco etc. etc. and of course ARIN.
>> .... What was once a legitimate issue ....
> Remains "a legitimate issue" until ARIN resolves it, if ever.
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> Paul.
> England,
> EU.

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