Why does abuse handling take so long ?

goemon at anime.net goemon at anime.net
Sun Mar 13 07:39:02 CDT 2011

On Sun, 13 Mar 2011, Alexander Maassen wrote:
> Why o why are isp's and hosters so ignorant in dealing with such issues
> and act like they do not care?

they don't act like they do not care. they really *don't* care. no acting.

1) you're not a direct customer, why should they do anything? by doing nothing it cost them nothing.
2) why should they do anything to shut down paying customers? shutting down abusive customers is shutting off revenue sources.
3) lifting a finger is too much like work. it costs the money and gains them nothing.

the only way to correct this behavior is to make it more expensive for
providers to retain abusive customers than it is to keep them.

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