Why does abuse handling take so long ?

Alexander Maassen outsider at scarynet.org
Sun Mar 13 06:45:04 CDT 2011

Dear nanog members,

As current maintainer of DroneBL I happen to receive a lot of unwanted
packets in the form of DDoS attacks, now the DDoS itself is not the real
problem, dealing with it the fast way is.

Now most of you would think: Just filter it, put a big firewall in front
of it, bla bla bla bla. But what I'm really talking about is the
ignorance most providers show when it comes to handling the abuse when
it gets reported.
The issue in there being, it's way too slow, and my hoster needs to
temporary nullroute my ip range in order to protect his network.
We both mail all the involved providers and sometimes need to wait days
before hostings act upon the mail.

In most cases the only thing the [email protected] contacts do as hoster, is relay
the mail to the client but do not dare to do anything themself, even if
you provide them with a shitload of logs, even if you call them and say
that the attack from their source is still continueing, they refuse to
look into it and shutdown the source. And that pisses me off badly.

Why o why are isp's and hosters so ignorant in dealing with such issues
and act like they do not care?

Kind regards,
Alexander Maassen
Maintainer DroneBL

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