Routing Suggestions

Roy r.engehausen at
Wed Jan 12 18:26:14 CST 2011

On 1/12/2011 4:13 PM, Lars Carter wrote:
> Hi NANOG list,
> I have a simple, hypothetical question regarding preferred connectivity
> methods for you guys that I would like to get the hive mind opinion about.
> There are two companies, Company A and Company B, that are planning to
> continuously exchange a large amount of sensitive data and are located in a
> mutual datacenter. They decide to order a cross connect and peer privately
> for the obvious reasons. Company A has a small but knowledgable engineering
> staff and it's network is running BGP as its only routing protocol with
> multiple transit vendors and a handful of other larger peers. Company B is a
> smaller shop that is single homed behind one ISP through a default static
> route, they have hardware that can handle advanced routing protocols but
> have not had the need to implement them as of yet. There is a single prefix
> on both sides that will need to be routed to the other party. It is rare
> that prefixes would need to change or for additional prefixes to be added.
> > From an technical, operational, and security standpoint what would be the
> preferred way to route traffic between these two networks?
> Cheers,
> Lars

Apply the KISS principle.  Use a static route

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