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Since it sounds like there is no alternate path, it sounds like the most secure, simplest to operate would be static routes.  It's not sexy, but no need to toss in a routing protocol if it's such a static setup.

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Hi NANOG list,

I have a simple, hypothetical question regarding preferred connectivity
methods for you guys that I would like to get the hive mind opinion about.

There are two companies, Company A and Company B, that are planning to
continuously exchange a large amount of sensitive data and are located in a
mutual datacenter. They decide to order a cross connect and peer privately
for the obvious reasons. Company A has a small but knowledgable engineering
staff and it's network is running BGP as its only routing protocol with
multiple transit vendors and a handful of other larger peers. Company B is a
smaller shop that is single homed behind one ISP through a default static
route, they have hardware that can handle advanced routing protocols but
have not had the need to implement them as of yet. There is a single prefix
on both sides that will need to be routed to the other party. It is rare
that prefixes would need to change or for additional prefixes to be added.

>From an technical, operational, and security standpoint what would be the
preferred way to route traffic between these two networks?



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