Routing Suggestions

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Wed Jan 12 19:20:14 CST 2011

On Wed, Jan 12, 2011, Jon Lewis wrote:

> >Unless you'd like to ensure the sensitive traffic doesn't cross an
> >"unsafer" default rout path if the XC is down.
> BGP would have that same issue since B is default routing to their 
> provider.
> [config for B]
> ip route <A's prefix> <mask> <gw to A>
> ip route <A's prefix> <mask> null0 250
> ip route <B's provider>
> problem solved.  If the gw to A is reachable, traffic goes via the cross 
> connect.  If the gw is down, traffic goes nowhere.

I was just making the observation; the solution is pretty simple.
(Yes, I've seen "secure" network cross-connects get bitten by this. :-)


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