Sad IPv4 story?

Roland Perry lists at
Sat Dec 17 21:27:03 UTC 2011

In article <4EE6E7D2.8060306 at>, Joel jaeggli <joelja at> 
>> So now we will reap the consequences and it will be at the cost of
>> new market entrants (which I am sure will please some people) and
>> perhaps cold hard cash for those who cannot expand their business or
>> have to 'buy' address space.
>New market entrants are the customers of existing operators, so their
>plight and the feasibility of being a new market entrant  impacts our
>bottom lines.

On the three occasions where I've been involved in running a new market 
entrant they were not previously a customer of an existing operator 
(other than the founders having an earlier personal online account with 
someone or other).

So it's not always a case of an entrant getting started using someone 
else's IP transit (and IP addressing), then bringing that in-house.
Roland Perry

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