Sad IPv4 story?

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>>> and models that doesn't take "we may not get IPv4 space" into
>>> account
>> and have
>>> a contingency plan for that *deserves* to be soundly mocked and
>> ridiculed in
>>> public.
>> That's right
>> However the original post was concerning a fresh new ISP that can't
>> run their business the way they would like Maybe they'd like to
>> build an mpls core which right now is not possible with only ipv6
>> at hand I'd like to see the business model to build an mpls network
>> with all the features we're used to -but solely on ipv6 -I guess
>> the plan would be let's wait a couple years till it gets
>> implemented and mature enough
> Well really this is pretty much our fault. IPv6 has been on peoples
> 'back burner' for far too long. Additional vendor pressure and
> pressure at the IETF would have pushed things forward far faster had
> people actually been interested in doing so.
> As per an earlier post, I am shocked at how I still have vendors
> coming to me with equipment that is nowhere near ready for commercial
> IPv6 deployment, it either just does not work, is half baked or is
> "on the roadmap".
> So now we will reap the consequences and it will be at the cost of
> new market entrants (which I am sure will please some people) and
> perhaps cold hard cash for those who cannot expand their business or
> have to 'buy' address space.

New market entrants are the customers of existing operators, so their
plight and the feasibility of being a new market entrant  impacts our
bottom lines.

> I know a lot of people have been working hard to move IPv6 along both
> here, at NANOG and other events and with their vendors. It's because
> of those people, like Randy perhaps that we actually have what we do
> now else most people would still be stuck with their heads in the
> sand.
> Well, I am sure it'll all be OK in the end...
> -- Leigh
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