Sad IPv4 story?

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Mon Dec 12 12:02:14 UTC 2011

On Monday, December 12, 2011 05:17:08 PM Vitkovsky, Adam 

> However the original post was concerning a fresh new ISP
> that can't run their business the way they would like
> Maybe they'd like to build an mpls core which right now
> is not possible with only ipv6 at hand I'd like to see
> the business model to build an mpls network with all the
> features we're used to -but solely on ipv6 -I guess the
> plan would be let's wait a couple years till it gets
> implemented and mature enough

I've been pushing Cisco and Juniper since 2007 for LDPv6 and 
RSVPv6 since 2007. I kept getting non-commital "end of this 
year, end of this year".

After catching up with Cisco during an update of the ASR9000 
a couple of weeks back, I'm meant to understand support will 
be coming around Q1'13 on this platform (which, by 
association, might mean other IOS XR platforms like the 
CRS). It's not clear about other Cisco systems, but I'll be 
pleasantly surprised if they maintain the time lines.

All this despite the fact that drafts have been out for 

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