v6 bgp peer costs?

Zaid Ali zaid at zaidali.com
Wed Jul 21 15:09:44 CDT 2010

On 7/21/10 12:39 PM, "Seth Mattinen" <sethm at rollernet.us> wrote:

> On 7/21/2010 12:08, Zaid Ali wrote:
>> I currently have a v4 BGP session with AS 701 and recently requested a v6
>> BGP session to which I was told a tunnel session will be provided (Same
>> circuit would be better but whatever!). Towards the final stage in
>> discussions I was told that it will cost $1500. I find this quite ridiculous
>> and it will certainly not motivate people to move to v6 if providers put a
>> direct price tag on it. I am going through a bandwidth reseller though so I
>> am not sure who is trying to jack me here. Has anyone here gone through a
>> similar experience?
> Ooh, Verizon? Good luck. Do you know what pop (VZ calles them "hubs")
> your existing circuit is out of? Not all of 701 is IPv6 enabled. If you
> are currently served from a v4 only location you're out of luck.


> I ordered an Ethernet circuit from Verizon last year as dual-stack
> IPv4/IPv6. There was no extra cost involved. However, they never did
> actually deliver the layer 3 portion, so I just let them languish into
> obscurity. My problem was that I'm closer to a v4 only pop (Sacramento),
> but the closest 4/6 pop is further away in San Jose. For some reason
> they could not figure out how to go there and kept defaulting to Sac.
> Eventually they called me and said it's just not possible to deliver the
> service. I ended up placing an order with Global Crossing and the
> dual-stack process was completely painless.

Sigh.. Explains why I never got a straight answer on native v6 support.
First they said yes then now Tunnel only. Perhaps time to turn them off.


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