Small guys with BGP issues

Steve Bertrand steve at
Mon Nov 2 04:01:28 UTC 2009

Seems to me that some people have issues when a thread is taken over.

However, it also seems to me that there are people here who are
intelligent engineers who are afraid to speak, due to the size of the
company they work for.

On behalf of the 'small guys', it sucks when you big(ger) guys:

- don't listen to us
- practice good behaviour (bcp38) and don't preach it
- speak proudly of decent support, but don't respond to people who
aren't staffed by a tier(x)
- act as though you know something, but won't get out of the textbook
- again, this isn't a test for ccie, just because were working in
smaller *sp's doesn't mean that we know less than you
- we work hard. We have smaller networks. I bet we defend our border
egress to you than you defend toward us
- if all small guys like me are the same, then the 'big boys' should be
motivated to move forward

Lets take it off topic and off-thread...

This is a big-boy list. Out of the small guys on this big boy list, lets
have a hands-up for who is doing the right thing (v6 & network defence &
protecting their connected networks )...


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