Small guys with BGP issues

Steve Bertrand steve at
Sun Nov 1 22:40:55 CST 2009

Steve Bertrand wrote:
> Seems to me that some people have issues when a thread is taken over.
> capiche...
> However, it also seems to me that there are people here who are
> intelligent engineers who are afraid to speak, due to the size of the
> company they work for.
> On behalf of the 'small guys', it sucks when you big(ger) guys:
> - don't listen to us
> - practice good behaviour (bcp38) and don't preach it
> - speak proudly of decent support, but don't respond to people who
> aren't staffed by a tier(x)
> - act as though you know something, but won't get out of the textbook
> mentality
> - again, this isn't a test for ccie, just because were working in
> smaller *sp's doesn't mean that we know less than you
> - we work hard. We have smaller networks. I bet we defend our border
> egress to you than you defend toward us
> - if all small guys like me are the same, then the 'big boys' should be
> motivated to move forward
> Lets take it off topic and off-thread...
> This is a big-boy list. Out of the small guys on this big boy list, lets
> have a hands-up for who is doing the right thing (v6 & network defence &
> protecting their connected networks )...

Holy shiat,

I can't even deal with the off-list feedback! Thank you!

Politically, unfortunately, I'm not that type. I can't do much there. I
wish that I could make decisions with the company purse, but I can't...

On the other hand, I wish I could direct operations. I know what needs
to be done, and I know how to command people to get there. I *think* I
know how to direct an entire company (given its geo-location) to success
given the area it's in.

Nonetheless, I am where I am, and I like it. I am responsible for what
comes into my network, and what leaves it. I have written an ISP
management system, and ensure/troubleshoot montly revenue streams.

I love my job. I love being an ISP. Unfortunately, my ISP doesn't love
me the same way. ( I can understand the business aspect, but at least
show that you are technically inclined!)


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