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Peter Dambier peter at
Tue Jun 16 20:43:58 UTC 2009

Another problem with spamhaus, they want to earn money.
The Pirates Party in germany is a nonprofit.
Nevertheless our mailers use a fixed addresses and when
you query spamhaus long enough from a fixed address
you are put on a blacklist and fed wrong information.
Time and again all mails bounced. Every new mail admin
went through this cycle :)

Kind regards

Patrick W. Gilmore wrote:
> On Jun 16, 2009, at 2:00 PM, Quinn Mahoney wrote:
>> Is there a competing droplist, that can be compared against Spamhaus's
>> droplist?  That seems like an extraordinary claim, so I'm not satisfied
>> with the evidence provided.  Is this not the best droplist?
> Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.  Mr. Anderson gives
> little proof at all, and not even close to extraordinary proof, IMHO.
> My personal experience is that Spamhaus is highly respectable
> organization.  They are by no means perfect, but I trust their judgement
> to a high degree, FWIW.  The Spamhaus DNSRBLs are, I believe, the most
> used on the Internet.  This suggests the rest of the Internet has a
> different opinion than Mr. Anderson.
> I have not used MAPS, so I cannot comment on its utility.  but I have
> never heard a single credible claim Mr. Vixie is a spammer, more or less
> a verifiable one.  (Yes, that includes the claim below.)  From my
> personal experience, Mr. Vixie is very much the opposite of a spammer. 
> Mr. Vixie gave the Keynote speech at the NANOG conference yesterday, so
> I would submit the community at large disagrees with Mr. Anderson's
> assessment.
> SORBS is probably not as highly regarded as Spamhaus, but as with Vixie,
> not one credible claim has ever been made that Michelle is a spammer,
> including the below.  Again, the opposite is reality, and probably to
> the same extent as Vixie.  (I.e. Some people think they go too far in
> fighting spam, not in sending it.)
> Finally, John Levine is not a spammer either.  I'm kinda tired of giving
> proof, so take my word for it, or not, as you please.
> Anyway, just some personal opinions from someone who has had personal
> interaction with the people involved and used two of the three products
> mentioned.  Not sure this was operational, but I felt the need to step
> up and defend people after you forwarded the outrageous claims below to
> the list.  (No one on the list saw Mr. Anderson's claims other than you,
> because you were personally CC'ed.)
> End of day, your network, your choice.  I think you know mine.

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