Are you getting Spam from Crossfire Media?

JC Dill jcdill.lists at
Tue Jan 13 17:41:46 UTC 2009

4 weeks ago I started getting weekly spam from Carl at 
   I have been "subscribed" to this newsletter.  Today's spam subject 
line is "Get to 4GWE and Participate in the Wireless Future, We'll help 
pay your way..."

The address used is an address I used on NANOG some years back - I 
haven't used it in quite a while but still get an occasional private 
email from someone who has that address in their address book so the 
address is still active.

Because there's a remote chance that some time long ago I "subscribed" 
to some message board and hidden in the message board settings is a 
pre-checked option (which I overlooked) to receive email from 
"partners", I privately emailed several friends in the IT/Security 
fields asking if they were getting this spam.  The one friend who is 
also getting this spam is also someone who occasionally posts to NANOG, 
and who also has no idea why he was "subscribed" to this spam.  Because 
of this coincidence, I think the spammer may have scarfed email 
addresses of people who posted to NANOG and added them to the "targeted" 
mailing list / spam list.

I'm curious to know if other NANOG subscribers have started receiving 
spam from this person.

I also found 2 sites that have web interfaces to their NANOG archives 
where they are not obscuring email addresses and who leaked posting 
addresses onto the web:

Is there someone at NANOG who can ask these sites to remove these 
archives, or at least purge/munge email addresses?

Please reply via private email.  Thanks!


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