Are you getting Spam from Crossfire Media?

Reynold Guerrier reygue at
Tue Jan 13 19:43:24 UTC 2009

My subscription to NANOG aged 3 months ago and I am receiving this spam too.
And this is my first post. I effectively think that someone might have crack
the email database of the Nanog list.


On Tue, Jan 13, 2009 at 12:41 PM, JC Dill <jcdill.lists at> wrote:

> 4 weeks ago I started getting weekly spam from Carl at  I
> have been "subscribed" to this newsletter.  Today's spam subject line is
> "Get to 4GWE and Participate in the Wireless Future, We'll help pay your
> way..."
> The address used is an address I used on NANOG some years back - I haven't
> used it in quite a while but still get an occasional private email from
> someone who has that address in their address book so the address is still
> active.
> Because there's a remote chance that some time long ago I "subscribed" to
> some message board and hidden in the message board settings is a pre-checked
> option (which I overlooked) to receive email from "partners", I privately
> emailed several friends in the IT/Security fields asking if they were
> getting this spam.  The one friend who is also getting this spam is also
> someone who occasionally posts to NANOG, and who also has no idea why he was
> "subscribed" to this spam.  Because of this coincidence, I think the spammer
> may have scarfed email addresses of people who posted to NANOG and added
> them to the "targeted" mailing list / spam list.
> I'm curious to know if other NANOG subscribers have started receiving spam
> from this person.
> I also found 2 sites that have web interfaces to their NANOG archives where
> they are not obscuring email addresses and who leaked posting addresses onto
> the web:
> Is there someone at NANOG who can ask these sites to remove these archives,
> or at least purge/munge email addresses?
> Please reply via private email.  Thanks!
> jc

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