Appropriate list for Linux routers (was: real hardware router VS linux router)

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Thu Feb 19 23:22:03 UTC 2009

On Thu, Feb 19, 2009, Brian Keefer wrote:

> If anyone would like to drop me a line off-list to point me in the  
> right direction, I'd be very grateful.  So far the most useful  
> information I've found on the topic has been via this list.
> PS I'm talking specifically about Linux.  The FreeBSD and OpenBSD  
> crowd seem to have lists that provide this sort of thing already.

The people doing this commercially under Linux/FreeBSD, and have mods
to do higher PPS in certain conditions, generally don't talk (much.)

A few FreeBSD developers are pushing forward with higher PPS improvements.
If this is inline with what you want, then I suggest talking to them and
seeing how they can help.

Migrating to a superior platform (where "superior" here is "does what
I want better" isn't a -bad- idea. :)


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