Appropriate list for Linux routers (was: real hardware router VS linux router)

Brian Keefer chort at
Thu Feb 19 23:10:38 UTC 2009

On Feb 19, 2009, at 12:30 PM, Bill Nash wrote:
> Having carped, I'm obligated to offer a solution:
> The technical discussion is certainly interesting to a small subset  
> of NANOG participants, I'm sure (I do find it interesting, I  
> promise), but I'm thinking this conversation is better elsewhere,  
> like a beer & gear, or might I recommend forming some kind of nanog- 
> shoptalk sub list? Is there one like it? Something for discussing  
> the network substrata and not the weather a few layers up? I'm aware  
> of stuff like c-nsp/j-nsp, but the Linux router crowd has it's own  
> niche and there's certainly a place for discussing them, I just  
> don't think it's.. here.
> - billn

I would be interested in a such a thing.  I've tried approaching the  
Linux crowd for such information, but they seem more interested in  
writing patches to blink LEDs when Netfilter does something than  
talking about performance and scaling considerations.

If anyone would like to drop me a line off-list to point me in the  
right direction, I'd be very grateful.  So far the most useful  
information I've found on the topic has been via this list.

PS I'm talking specifically about Linux.  The FreeBSD and OpenBSD  
crowd seem to have lists that provide this sort of thing already.


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