real hardware router VS linux router

Eric Gearhart eric at
Sat Feb 21 01:32:34 UTC 2009

On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 1:30 PM, Bill Nash <billn at> wrote:
> Having carped, I'm obligated to offer a solution:
> The technical discussion is certainly interesting to a small subset of NANOG
> participants, I'm sure (I do find it interesting, I promise), but I'm
> thinking this conversation is better elsewhere, like a beer & gear, or might
> I recommend forming some kind of nanog-shoptalk sub list? Is there one like
> it? Something for discussing the network substrata and not the weather a few
> layers up?

I wouldn't mind seeing a nanog-shoptalk list actually... I know
according to the NANOG guidelines this thread is off topic:

"The NANOG list has over 10,000 subscribers so it is very easy for a
thread to have scores of posts while being off-topic and only of
interest to only a small proportion of subscribers. Please consider
before each post if your email will be of interest to the majority of
members or might alternatively be emailed directly the people of
interest or posted to another forum." (from the email everyone

...but I found this thread very interesting, and relevant to at least
networking in general. I've had my eyes on Vyatta products in the
past, for example, and seeing the smattering of experienced NANOG
folks "chew the fat" about Linux routers is something I'm interested
in, even if it has nothing specifically to do with really long BGP
advertisements or getting to

Just my .02


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