It's Ars Tech's turn to bang the IPv4 exhaustion drum

Charles Wyble charles at
Fri Aug 22 16:45:24 CDT 2008

Matthew Kaufman wrote:
> Jay R. Ashworth wrote:
> This article reminded me that I really needed to stop relying on a 
> tunnel over my backup DSL line for IPv6 and spend the time to get my 
> own ISP on the road to deploying IPv6.
> Step 1: Request address space from ARIN
> Took <1 day to get a reply that we'd be getting the space that day, a 
> few more hours to receive a /32. That was easy.

Did you have existing IPv4 space with ARIN? If so, I have to wonder  if 
I would get the same speedy service from ARIN as a new entrant without 
existing ipv4 space? :)

I'm looking at building a large network with Ipv6 in the Los Angeles 
metro area, to serve a number of small businesses via a large scale 
wireless network. Essentially a large scale private WAN, with globally 
routable addresses (for a VoIP/IPTV roll out later) So I'm not exactly a 
traditional ISP or colocation customer, but share characteristics with 
them. Does this matter? Should I just submit my request and see what 

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