It's Ars Tech's turn to bang the IPv4 exhaustion drum

michael.dillon at michael.dillon at
Tue Aug 26 05:03:40 CDT 2008

> I'm looking at building a large network with Ipv6 in the Los 
> Angeles metro area, to serve a number of small businesses via 
> a large scale wireless network. Essentially a large scale 
> private WAN, with globally routable addresses (for a 
> VoIP/IPTV roll out later) So I'm not exactly a traditional 
> ISP or colocation customer, but share characteristics with 
> them. Does this matter? Should I just submit my request and 
> see what happens?

Yes, you should just submit your request and see what happens.

If there isn't enough documentation or you filled out something
incorrectly, ARIN generally contacts you and explains what you
need to provide in order to justify your request. It is pretty
painless really. At worst, because your business model is out
of the ordinary, you might spend a week or two going back and
forth explaining things.

--Michael Dillon

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