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Darden, Patrick S. darden at armc.org
Thu Aug 7 16:52:14 CDT 2008

Hi Jay,

Jay Ashworth:
> Sure.  And he's not always right either; none of us are.
> But he gave cogent arguments to support his point, and you gave us

He gave good arguments.  You, however, did not.

> None of which amounts to "wants to hurt people", which is what you
>accused him of.

I was out of line here.  I apologize to Michael.  I don't think he
took offense, but if he did I genuinely regret it.

> And yet I see tha tyou don't yourself bother to try to prove your
> argument; you merely continue to go after Michael and I on peripheral
>points.  No pun intended.

Didn't have to: you didn't address anything other than personal or
peripheral stuff.

> Sure.  Online coke machines are just about as cool as coffee-pot
> webcams.

They were in 1995.  Back when the first one went online.  That was
too cool for me to express.

> But they're orthogonal to the discussion that was at hand, and your
> returning to that well in the middle of a serious discussion suggests
> that you, yourself, are not all that serious.

Or perhaps that I was trying to cool the discussion down a bit.  I had
already tried to bring it to a close once....  It was an extended hyperbole
of ridiculousness.  Soda machines.  MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm.

> Once is tongue in cheek.
> Twice or three times is dilettante.

No, I think it just proves that saying the same stupid joke three
times doesn't make it funny.  Doesn't mean I am a dilettante
network operator.  Just means I'm not funny.  ;-)

> I don't know, Patrick; you seem to be the one emotionalizing the
> argument.

Yeah, I have a sharp tongue too.  And I am a dillettante.  And everything
I say is just so cute and precious.  And I am Wrong.

> I'm out of this one though; we are certainly out of AUP.

I'm with you on this, for sure.  If you want to address me off-list
please feel free.
--Patrick Darden

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