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Jay R. Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Thu Aug 7 16:24:27 CDT 2008

On Thu, Aug 07, 2008 at 03:55:13PM -0400, Patrick Darden wrote:
> Jay R. Ashworth wrote:
> >You really think Michael is malicious in his intent?
> >You've spent a whole lot of time paying now attention around here,
> >haven't you?
> I think Michael tends to get confrontational.  As, apparently, do you.  

Sure.  And he's not always right either; none of us are.

But he gave cogent arguments to support his point, and you gave us
coke machines -- worse, *accused him*, backhandedly, of leaving space
for coke machines.  See below.

> I'm on a lot of the same lists Michael is on.  Have been since 1997.  I 
> have a lot of respect for him, with reservations gathered from 
> experience.  He is sharp, and he has a sharp tongue.

None of which amounts to "wants to hurt people", which is what you
accused him of.

> >No, cute soundbites don't make you an expert.
> >
> >But in this case, Dillon's right, and you're wrong: your attempt to
> >trivialize the specific issue on point (allocation within the 1918
> >space internal to a company network) by implying that the only reasons
> >to do it the way he suggests amount to "leaving space for soda
> >machines" only proves in public that you don't know what you're talking
> >about.
> No, you are wrong.  Your attempt to trivialize what I have to say by 
> calling it cute only proves that you don't know what you are talking 
> about.  Bad logic, isn't it?  Statement that you are wrong, then 
> "proving it" with nonsense addressing someone's character without 
> addressing the point....

And yet I see tha tyou don't yourself bother to try to prove your
argument; you merely continue to go after Michael and I on peripheral
points.  No pun intended.

> Your mislabelling my tongue-in-cheek ongoing obsession with soda 
> machines as Trivializing only proves you have no sense of humor.  I 
> remember when some kids at MIT first put their dorm's soda machine on 
> the internet.  Man that was cool.  You could ping it and find out how 
> many cokes were left, and their temperature....

Sure.  Online coke machines are just about as cool as coffee-pot

But they're orthogonal to the discussion that was at hand, and your
returning to that well in the middle of a serious discussion suggests
that you, yourself, are not all that serious.

Once is tongue in cheek.

Twice or three times is dilettante.

> >As randy would put it, I encourage my competitors to hire you to
> >architect their WANs.
> Thank you.  Your bile does you credit.

I don't know, Patrick; you seem to be the one emotionalizing the

I'm out of this one though; we are certainly out of AUP.

-- jra
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