NANOG 40 agenda posted

Chris L. Morrow christopher.morrow at
Tue May 29 16:01:37 UTC 2007

On Tue, 29 May 2007, John Curran wrote:
> ISP's are going to have to actually *lead* the transition
> to IPv6 both in terms of infrastructure and setting
> customer expectations.

and this means getting a good story in front of bean-counters about
expending opex/capex to do this transition work. Today the simplest answer
is: "if we expend Z dollars on new equipment, and A dollars on IT work we
will be able to capture X number of users for Y new service" or some
version of that story.

Solving that has turned out to be difficult (as is shown by the global
lack of meaningful deployment)

> p.s.  It's not the classic chicken/egg situation;
>        it's much simpler:  Look up and see the IPv4
>        Internet - that's the egg, it's first, and it's falling.
>        We have to recognize that fact and gentle catch
>        it, or there just won't be any chicken.


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