Interesting new dns failures

Simon Waters simonw at
Mon May 21 17:20:26 UTC 2007

On Monday 21 May 2007 16:19, Tim Franklin wrote:
> > I wonder how the .de or .uk folks see things? Is the same true elsewhere?
> generally seems to be understood by UK folks. tends to
> cause a double-take.  (The 'special' UK SLDs, like, are a maze of
> twisty turny third-levels, all on different logic).

The odd thing is customers mostly fall into either;

I don't understand anything beyond ".com" and ""

I'm a "", "" other speciality, who often know more about the 
procedures or technicalities of registering their desired domain name than we 

And those who just want every possible TLD, and variant, for a name, in some 
misguided belief this will protect it in some magical way, and won't just 
make a load of money for the registries.

We obviously prefer the last group, as they spend more money, are less hassle, 
and are usually content with registering all the TLD domains we can do for 
the standard price. 

I'm sure there is a business in doing services to the second group, especially 
if you chuck in certificates and a few related things.

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