Interesting new dns failures

Tim Franklin tim at
Mon May 21 15:19:52 UTC 2007

On Mon, May 21, 2007 3:26 pm, Chris L. Morrow wrote:

> There's an interesting read from NRIC about this problem: "Signposts on
> the information superhighway" I think it's called. Essentially no one
> aside from propeller-head folks understand that there is something aside
> from 'com' :( take, for example, discussions inside the company formerly
> known as uunet about email addresses: "Yes, you can email me at
> chris at", "", "no,", "", "nope, just
>". Admittedly it was with sales/marketting folks, but still :(

To a great degree, there effectively stopped being anything outside .com
when there stopped being any distinction between who was eligable for
.com, .net or .org, and it just became a "credit card, please"

I can't imagine anyone now registering a new .com and *not* registering
the corresponding .org and .net, making them pretty much pointless for new
registrations.  It's only legacy domains, and occasional gap-finding in
legacy registrations, where the registrant isn't the same for all three.

> I wonder how the .de or .uk folks see things? Is the same true elsewhere? generally seems to be understood by UK folks. tends to
cause a double-take.  (The 'special' UK SLDs, like, are a maze of
twisty turny third-levels, all on different logic).

My email confuses people by being both a .org and too short - the general
public seems to expect either firstname.lastname at or
some-long-random-attempt-to-sou[email protected]{yahoo,gmail}.com.

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