Phishing and BGP Blackholing

Pete Templin petelists at
Thu Jan 4 14:09:18 UTC 2007

Alexander Harrowell wrote:

> Anyway, I wouldn't write a letter with nothing worth reading on the
> first page. I don't write articles with nothing in the first
> paragraph. Why should over a billion users of the English language,
> etc, etc..

We're not talking about a letter or an article.  We're talking about a 
conversation and/or a debate.  Someone speaks, someone else speaks, 
someone else speaks.  Without context, the Nth round of the debate isn't 
the same.

This "place" is full of people with opinions.  Some like it hot, some 
like it not.  We are never going to agree on top/inline/bottom posting. 
  Why can't we all just get along and discuss operational issues?


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