Phishing and BGP Blackholing

Alexander Harrowell a.harrowell at
Thu Jan 4 13:56:50 UTC 2007

(All right then, scroll down for content :-))

On 1/4/07, Michael.Dillon at <Michael.Dillon at> wrote:
> > For those of us who read nanog from a mobile device, it's incredibly
> > annoying to have no content in the first few bytes - a lot of mobile
> > e-mail clients (all MS Windows Mobile 5 devices and every Blackberry
> > I've seen) pull the first 0.5KB of each message, i.e. the header,
> > subject line and the first few lines of text, so the user can decide
> > which ones are worth reading in full.
> Why should all 1 billion Internet users change
> their behavior just because your minority mail-reading
> system is broken?
> Hint: Procmail is your friend. Set up your own mail
> server and run procmail against all incoming email
> with newline-greaterthan in the first 500 bytes. You
> can preprocess these messages to do something like
> strip headers that you don't read and copy the first
> few reply lines to be first in the message. That way
> your mobile device will get more bang for the buck
> than most other people's.
> Paul Vixie's colo registry may be of help if you need
> to find a place to stick your own mail server
> --Michael Dillon

Minority? A mail client has been standard-ish for the last three to
four years of upgrade iterations. There are a LOT of mobiles out
there. Granted not many of them are used for e-mail, but that is a
percentage that is only going to go up.

Anyway, I wouldn't write a letter with nothing worth reading on the
first page. I don't write articles with nothing in the first
paragraph. Why should over a billion users of the English language,
etc, etc..

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