Collocation Access

Brandon Butterworth brandon at
Mon Oct 23 17:43:37 UTC 2006

> What I've never understood is, that, how a gov't issue ID (for the
> purposes of allowing entry) is of any use whatsoever.
> It's not as if someone is doing a instand background check to know if
> the person is a criminal, or wanted, or whatever. It's trivial to forge
> a gov't ID.

Welcome to token security. There's lots of silly procedures around now
that add nothing to security but someone in an office dreamt them up as
they have to be seen to be doing something. If you point out how
dumb they are you're a terrorist too. So we al waste time following them
(they can't reduce them as if something did happen they'd be blamed,
who wants less security?)

Colos full of rent-a-cops are just as bad, my passport says
who I'm allowed to surrender it to and that doesn't include colo
guards yet some want to retain it whilst you're on site. Company
ID isn't acceptable to some of them either. I'd rather not trust
them with either though I don't mind them looking.


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