hijacked (VeriSign refuses to help)

William Allen Simpson wsimpson at
Sun Jan 16 08:38:35 UTC 2005

Since folks have been working on this for hours, and according to
posts on NANOG, both MelbourneIT and Verisign refuse to do anything
for days or weeks, would it be a good time to take drastic action?

Think of what we'd do about a larger ISP, or the Well, or really any
serious financial target.

Think of the damage from harvesting <>logins and mail passwords of
panix users.


Does somebody have a fast DNS server that can AXFR the records from
those 2 name servers, then fix the entries?

Are people willing to announce some replacement servers as /32 BGP?
Sort of an emergency anycast?


Alternatively, are people willing to block those name servers and/or
the entire blocks they are located in, to prevent the distribution of
the false addresses?

William Allen Simpson
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