hijacked (VeriSign refuses to help)

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> I don't know if these are merely isolated attempts at harassment and
> mischief or the precursors to a more widespread attack.  What I do know
> is that I'm very concerned, Panix is quite literally fighting for its
> life, everyone we've shown details of the problem to is concerned --
> including CERT, AUSCERT, and knowledgeable law enforcement personnel --
> with the notable exception of MelbourneIT, whose sole corporate response
> has been one of decided unconcern, and VeriSign, who seem entirely
> determined to pass the buck instead of investigating, fixing, or helping.
> And so it goes.

i know people from verisign (used to?) read nanog-l. perhaps some sort of a
deus ex machina intervention may be forthcoming? one can hope.


paul galynin

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