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Iljitsch van Beijnum iljitsch at
Wed May 26 16:22:00 UTC 2004

On 26-mei-04, at 16:38, Jared Mauch wrote:

> ability to utilize the existing physical memory more efficently.. ie: 
> no more
> fragmentation).

> 	- Jared

> 	- jared

> 	- jared

Be careful what you wish for, Jared Jared Jared. I don't think the 
performance hit those already underpowered CPUs are going to take by 
adopting virtual memory is going to help matters much.

Palm has taken an interesting approach to get rid of fragmentation: the 
OS is allowed to move (some) structures from one physical memory 
location to another. This only works if the processes that use this 
memory are written to support this, of course.

(BTW, you'll experience very little fragmentation if you make sure your 
box never comes close to running out of memory.)

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