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On Wed, May 26, 2004 at 07:56:57AM -0400, Steven M. Bellovin wrote:
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> >Eric Kuhnke wrote:
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> >> Here it is, complete with OC-768 interface:
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> >In the old days, every major provider would already be talking about how 
> >they have ordered 200 of these for every major market for redundant 
> >deployment -- and are just waiting on Cisco to deliver them the gear.
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> Personally, I'm at least as intrigued by the IOS replacement as by the 
> high-speed hardware -- when will that percolate to the rest of the 
> product line?  As with any major new software product, it will probably 
> be less reliable at first, but -- given the design goals -- quite 
> likely much more reliable in the not tremendously distant future.

	There have long been rumors (and even different groups)
that have worked on a IOS replacement, or modular IOS.

	The rumors i've heard are along the lines of this is
mostly different software for this product line.

	Personally I think we're still a few generations away from
having good route processors in all the new routers these days..
they seem to still not put enough power in them to handle the needs
of some people (be it I/O performance of flash/disk, performance of
traffic directed at the route processor, or ability to utilize
the existing physical memory more efficently.. ie: no more 

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