Corporations becoming a LIR

Tom Vest tvest at
Sat May 8 00:50:09 UTC 2004

Hi Leo,

I find the information under the individual LIR entries interesting. 
For example, I looked under CN (China) and found 14 European LIRs. I 
couldn't find any explanation for the "serviced areas" field in the LIR 
refbook -- what exactly does it mean? In this particular case, it could 
not mean that the entities are providing IR services to Chinese 
operators for local production needs. Nor would it be possible for 
these entities to provide IR services to non-Chinese operators for 
local use, with the (still unlikely I think) exception of the LIRs' own 
internal enterprise networks (e.g., Siemens provisioning its own CN 
corporate network). Could they be servicing Chinese network operators 
seeking to break into Europe? No such operators exist, except perhaps 
the few telcos that are already APNIC members and handle their own 

Maybe the "serviced areas" field is simply one of those questions that 
means "whatever the applicant thinks it means," i.e., it's technically 
meaningless (each respondent would have to independently translate it 
into terms that are meaningful to others)? Some clarification here 
would be much appreciated!


On May 7, 2004, at 3:00 AM, leo vegoda wrote:

> Hi Dan,
> On May 7, 2004, at 12:02 am, Drumm, Dan wrote:
> [...]
>> We now have a European division, Ball-Europe 
>> ( They have RFC 1918 addressing 
>> internally, and have the usual problems with NAT and overload 
>> addressing.
>> I’m starting the process of filling out an application to register 
>> the company, based in Ratingen, DE with RIPE as a Local Internet 
>> Registry (LIR) so that we can request a /18 (or /17 if we can get 
>> one) for the 40 some production facilities of Ball-Europe, each of 
>> which will come across a VPN network and be presented in one block to 
>> the ISP uplinks.
>> I was wondering, basically, if I have any chance at this? While RIPE 
>> clearly states the admission policy is open to any organization, in 
>> order to get PIR (Provider Independent routing) being a RIPE NCC is 
>> required, and I don’t know if a corporation would have a shot. 
>> Currently, we are not an ARIN member, but hold the Class B.
> There's no problem with you becoming and LIR and requesting address 
> space from us. Membership is open to everyone and we'll be happy to 
> help you out. If you want to discuss anything then let me know and we 
> can have a chat on the telephone.
>> The corporation exists in 6 EU nations, and I can demonstrate the 
>> requirement for >2048 individual IP addresses.
> In fact, the RIPE community removed the requirement to demonstrate 
> usage of existing address space when it lowered the minimum allocation 
> to /21. We expect to update the IPv4 policy document when the two 
> policies in Last Call status have reached consensus (or not) from our 
> community.
> Best regards,
> -- 
> leo vegoda
> Registration Services Manager

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