Corporations becoming a LIR

Robert Waldner waldner at
Thu May 6 22:28:09 UTC 2004

On Thu, 06 May 2004 16:02:53 MDT, "Drumm, Dan" writes:
>I'm starting the process of filling out an application to register the
>company, based in Ratingen, DE with RIPE as a Local Internet Registry
>(LIR) so that we can request a /18 (or /17 if we can get one) for the 40
>some production facilities of Ball-Europe, each of which will come
>across a VPN network and be presented in one block to the ISP uplinks.

Why not just talk to an established LIR, and request the addresses 
 through them? Since you won't hand out addresses to customers I don't 
 see the need for you to become a LIR yourself, you just need PI 
 address space. As a plus that would probably cost you less than
 becoming a RIPE member yourself.

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--  for life."                         - Andrew Brown

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