Corporations becoming a LIR

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at
Thu May 6 22:25:52 UTC 2004


> I was wondering, basically, if I have any chance at this? While RIPE
> clearly states the admission policy is open to any organization, in
> order to get PIR (Provider Independent routing) being a RIPE NCC is
> required, and I don't know if a corporation would have a shot.
> Currently, we are not an ARIN member, but hold the Class B. 
> The corporation exists in 6 EU nations, and I can demonstrate the
> requirement for >2048 individual IP addresses.
> I realize this the NORTH AMERICAN Network operator group, and most of
> you deal with ARIN, but I thought some members might have experience in
> this area as well.

Why not use that /16 for the 2K you need ? Would be a wast eof space to 
request a new /17 of /18 ??


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