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I work as the Network Architect for a multinational corporation, Ball
Corporation (


Currently, we hold a Class B network, and have been
multi-homed in the past, and will be multi-homed in the future, and have
our own AS. The network is very large, as we've used this addressing
internally for our facilities in North America and Canada. We've
allocated over 220 subnets. 


We now have a European division, Ball-Europe (
<> ). They have RFC 1918 addressing
internally, and have the usual problems with NAT and overload


I'm starting the process of filling out an application to register the
company, based in Ratingen, DE with RIPE as a Local Internet Registry
(LIR) so that we can request a /18 (or /17 if we can get one) for the 40
some production facilities of Ball-Europe, each of which will come
across a VPN network and be presented in one block to the ISP uplinks.


I was wondering, basically, if I have any chance at this? While RIPE
clearly states the admission policy is open to any organization, in
order to get PIR (Provider Independent routing) being a RIPE NCC is
required, and I don't know if a corporation would have a shot.
Currently, we are not an ARIN member, but hold the Class B. 


The corporation exists in 6 EU nations, and I can demonstrate the
requirement for >2048 individual IP addresses.


I realize this the NORTH AMERICAN Network operator group, and most of
you deal with ARIN, but I thought some members might have experience in
this area as well.


Thanks in advance.

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