Spanning tree melt down ?

Rafi Sadowsky rafi-nanog at
Fri Nov 29 21:43:40 UTC 2002

## On 2002-11-29 15:05 -0600 Daniel Golding typed:

DG> Yes, I read his bio. I'm sure he's quite the techie amongst his fellow
DG> physicans, and I think thats a great thing. However, its more than just a
DG> bad idea to put someone who isn't completely proficient in a job like this
DG> - its bad for the patients. If you want to run a shoe company, and put a
DG> shoe salesman with a couple linux boxes in charge of your network, more
DG> power to you. However, if you run a huge hospital, at which, there are
DG> numerous patient affecting IT systems, you really have an obligation to
DG> hire a professional, rather than a talented amateur, with all due respect
DG> to the good doctor.

Hi Daniel,

 Are you suggesting that a CIO at a "huge hospital"(or any other enterprise)
Needs to be an expert at LAN/WAN networking, Systems, DBA & Security
Rather than a management expert that has a good grasp of the basic IT 
issues and understands the core business needs of the enterprise ?


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