Spanning tree melt down ?

Daniel Golding dgold at FDFNet.Net
Fri Nov 29 21:05:31 UTC 2002

Yes, I read his bio. I'm sure he's quite the techie amongst his fellow
physicans, and I think thats a great thing. However, its more than just a
bad idea to put someone who isn't completely proficient in a job like this
- its bad for the patients. If you want to run a shoe company, and put a
shoe salesman with a couple linux boxes in charge of your network, more
power to you. However, if you run a huge hospital, at which, there are
numerous patient affecting IT systems, you really have an obligation to
hire a professional, rather than a talented amateur, with all due respect
to the good doctor.

As far as "Redmondworshippers" - whatever does the job. If you are running
a hospital, and microsoft products work for you, then buy them. The key is
knowing what to buy, how to keep in from breaking, and how to fix it,
quickly and efficiently when it does, be it Cisco, Microsoft, Linux, a
couple of tin cans with string, or whatever.

Some background for those not from/in Boston: This is a very large medical
center, not a community or midsized hospital

- Dan

On Fri, 29 Nov 2002, David Lesher wrote:

> Unnamed Administration sources reported that Daniel Golding said:
> >
> >
> > "It was Dr. John Halamka, the former emergency-room physician who runs
> > Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center's gigantic computer network"
> >
> > It appears what really happened is that they put an emergency room doctor
> > in charge of a critical system in which he, in all likelyhood, had
> > limited training. In the medical system, he was trusted because of he was
> > a doctor. The sad thing about this is that there seems to be no
> > realization that having experienced networking folks in this job might
> > have averted a situation that could have been (almost certainly
> > was?) deleterious to patient care.
> Did you, in fact, read Halamka's resume? He sounds to me like
> he has more smarts in the networking area than many of the
> RedmondWorshipers I encounter regularly.
> Was he Sean Donelan or Randy Bush? No.
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