Spanning tree melt down ?

David Diaz techlist at
Fri Nov 29 21:56:06 UTC 2002

I would be more likely to say that, then he need be a physician with 
management skills.  I think Dan made this point already in his post. 
I have tremendous respect for physicians having grown up in that 
field.  But they tend to be so smart that they get themselves in 
trouble, or have trouble knowing their limitations.  I say that with 
all respect.

I think this case showed that the IT staff was lacking some checks 
and balances, or just proper procedures that most networking 
engineers might have brought to the table.

There are a lot of physicians that get themselves in trouble flying 
planes too, as evident by some of the nicknames given to some of the 
high performance planes.  At some point networks become complicated 
enough that experts need to be brought in.  A manager knows when to 
delegate and I think it's important to have good people to delegate 
to. There are plenty of specialists in the medical field, so this is 
not a new concept.

At 23:43 +0200 11/29/02, Rafi Sadowsky wrote:
>## On 2002-11-29 15:05 -0600 Daniel Golding typed:
>DG> Yes, I read his bio. I'm sure he's quite the techie amongst his fellow
>DG> physicans, and I think thats a great thing. However, its more than just a
>DG> bad idea to put someone who isn't completely proficient in a job like this
>DG> - its bad for the patients. If you want to run a shoe company, and put a
>DG> shoe salesman with a couple linux boxes in charge of your network, more
>DG> power to you. However, if you run a huge hospital, at which, there are
>DG> numerous patient affecting IT systems, you really have an obligation to
>DG> hire a professional, rather than a talented amateur, with all due respect
>DG> to the good doctor.
>Hi Daniel,
>  Are you suggesting that a CIO at a "huge hospital"(or any other enterprise)
>Needs to be an expert at LAN/WAN networking, Systems, DBA & Security
>Rather than a management expert that has a good grasp of the basic IT
>issues and understands the core business needs of the enterprise ?
>	Rafi

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